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How To Perform Umrah Step by Step?

Umrah is the second pilgrimage in Islam to the house of Kabah. It is also known as a lesser pilgrimage. Though it is not obligatory with any condition on Muslims – unlike Hajj which is obligatory on whoever has financial and health capability to perform it, but it has great importance. Also, unlike Hajj, Umrah can be performed anytime in the year, hence there is no limit for time except for the days of Hajj. Many Muslims who have never performed Umrah nor Hajj do not know how to perform Umrah? And that’s why we are sharing this step by step guide on how to perform Umrah.

4 Most important steps of Umrah:

  • Ihram
  • Tawaf
  • Sayee
  • Qasar

The above listed 4 steps are most important for anyone to complete his Umrah. Missing any of these would require one to perform Umrah again next year. Now let’s get deeper into how to perform Umrah step by step.


The first and basic step before reaching the Holy House of Kaba is wearing Ihram. According to some scholars, Ihram should be worn right before leaving the home, and some suggest to wearing it before entering Haram. However, both can be done as it is not hard and fast to when should one wear Ihram, only wearing it before Meqat is.
The procedure for Ihram is as follow:

First of all the pilgrim needs to take a bath (Ghusal) and then wear the Ihram sheets. Then the pilgrim should offer two Nawafil, then uncover his head and declare his intention for Umrah. Now when the pilgrim has made intention for Umrah after following these steps, the restrictions of Ihram/Umrah apply on him.


The 2nd most important step in Umrah procedure is Tawaf. Tawaf means to move around in circles against any object as the earth revolves around the sun. In Islamic Shariah, Tawaf means moving around Kabah seven times with intention of Umrah. Moving around should be done this way that Kabah remains on their left and every pilgrim should have done ablution. Start from the Rukne Yamani, if you have the possibility to touch or kiss it, you should do, if not there’s no need. Men should make their right shoulder naked while performing Tawaf and then cover it afterward.


Sayee is walking or running slowly between the mounts of Safa and Marwah. Pilgrims need to perform this back and forth movement seven times, climbing up and down the mounts. There are many supplications that pilgrims can offer during performing each Umrah step. After the seventh step, the pilgrim will stop and end the movement at the mount of Marwah and offer two Rakat nawafil. This is the second last step in Umrah steps.


The last step in our guide of how to perform Umrah step by step is Qasar. Qasar means completely shaving head for males, while women only need to shorten their hair the length of a fingertip.

After Qasar, the Umrah is complete now the restriction of Ihram and Umrah are lifted and pilgrims can take off Ihram. Perform Umrah and become a guest of Allah

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